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About UsWelcome to Marquee Kennels! Bark with us...you're barking with the best! Welcome to Marquee Kennels! Bark with us...you're barking with the best!



    You have found Marquee Kennels. One of the nation's top sources for American Staffordshire Terriers and American Pitbull Terriers. Here at Marquee Kennels our animals are the most structurally sound, mentally sound canines around...but first and foremost they are our pets.

At Marquee we really don't care what's winning right now...we care about what won in 1936, because we care about the standard. Our dogs are standard and are correct. Our dogs are built to look like four legged fighting machines. What good is a Siberian Husky that can't pull a sled, a Labrador that can't retrieve, or a Fox Terrier that's too big or too scared to go into a hole (terra/terrier~latin for earth) after a fox? Our dogs have bone and substance. Our dogs are athletes. Our dogs are confident.  They are REAL DOGS.

    Our breeding stock has a strong pedigree of specialty winning dogs, top ten dogs, BISS Champions, and other all around fine specimens regardless of bloodline or title.  We strive to properly socialize all our dogs with humans and other animals. All of our puppies are lovingly, home raised around kids and no matter whether these little champions are destined to take Best in Show at Westminster, Best of Breed at the Nationals, or to be a family pet, they all receive the same great quality care.       We are Marquee Kennels.




Bark with us, you're barking with the BEST!








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